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pengwenfae: tennis players are so cute
Barefeetdreams: yeah, they are
Barefeetdreams: i think if i were one, i'd be too cute. harhar.
Barefeetdreams: me and you should be tennis players
Barefeetdreams: and then
Barefeetdreams: all the ugly ones
Barefeetdreams: would be like, OH SHIT THEY ARE HOT ASS TENNIS PLAYERS
Barefeetdreams: and they'd wanna fuck but we're not butch so we'd say no of course
Barefeetdreams: and then we'd show them our hot hot hot new undies..and we'd kick some major ass out there on the courts
Barefeetdreams: and they'd just stare in awe and want our bodies.
Barefeetdreams: and lose horribly
Barefeetdreams: and we'd beat venus & serena williams, too.
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okay, i miss putting on eyeliner in the bathroom with you & talking about the boys. i remember the night i spent with you & savannah at asms, and we sortof watched nightmare before christmas. and how, after that, savannah's called me sharky because i said blue & black reminds me of sharks while we were making bracelets.

you know you'd be such a fucking cute ass hot hot hot tennis player, girl. LET'S GO FOR THE GOLD!
aw you are so cute and fun!!